ACMON Group’s Success Spotlight at FOODTECH 2023


The curtain has descended on Foodtech Exhibition 2023, marking the culmination of an extraordinary showcase of cutting-edge technologies revolutionizing the Food and Beverage production, processing, storage, and handling of raw materials and ingredients.

George Moshakis, Commercial Director at ACMON Group, reflects on the Event: “The Foodtech Exhibition 2023 has been a significant milestone for ACMON Group, placing us at the forefront of the industry’s digitalization, sustainability, and innovation. I am delighted to witness our participation making a mark on the future of Food & Beverages production.

Our engagement in discussions surrounding Industry 4.0 and the broader landscape of digital transformation for Food and Beverage production reflects our commitment to driving industry advancements. Throughout the event, we showcased a spectrum of technologies, automation solutions, and services, providing attendees with insights into the global trends steering the sector toward the digital factory, and smart processes.

The emphasis on high-end equipment for raw materials and ingredients handling, prioritizing hygiene, safety, and modularity, signifies Acmon Group’s dedication to sustainable and future-proof solutions. The innovations presented at our booth underscore our position as industry leaders with diverse applications in the industrial food production sector.

At ACMON Group, we redefine floor automation, offering solutions that resemble more user-friendly apps than traditional SCADAs. We highlighted the pivotal role of information technology (IT) and traceability in food production processes, showcasing advancements applicable across the entire production cycle, from raw material reception to final product dispatch.

Robotic applications like palletizing, boxing, cobots, and sorting solutions underscored ACMON Group’s commitment to “doing more with less,” minimizing the risk of errors and optimizing human resources. By doing so, we pave the way for a more efficient and sustainable industry. The comprehensive product inspection solutions from Mettler Toledo, exclusively represented in Greece by one of ACMON Group’s subsidiary companies, were a focal point for their critical role in safeguarding end product quality.

Visitors also had the unique opportunity to embark on a virtual tour of an advanced industrial dry mix food production digital factory using ACMON Group’s Virtual Reality (VR) station on-site.

As we bid farewell to Foodtech Exhibition 2023, we express sincere gratitude for the impactful presence of all attendees who enriched our exhibition experience at stand A10/B09, Metropolitan Expo, from November 11th to November 13th, 2023. We eagerly look forward to reconnecting in 2025 at the 4th FOODTECH, continuing our journey toward a more sustainable, innovative, and digitally integrated future.

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About Foodtech 2023:

FOODTECH 2023 is a premium international trade show at the forefront of addressing the modernization and evolution needs of the Food & Beverage sector. With a focus on production, processing, and handling technologies, this event caters to owners and executives from both productive and commercial enterprises in the industry. Taking place every two years, FOODTECH gathers leading suppliers from Greece and around the world, showcasing cutting-edge Technology & Processing products and services. The trade show provides a platform for industry professionals to explore the latest advancements, fostering innovation and collaboration within the F&B sector.