Bag Palletizing

  • Construction Chemicals one of our major chemical sub sectors brings its own specialized challenges in both wet and dry manufacturing plants. A typical example of a dry manufacturing plant of polyurethane based chemical materials used in the construction industry.
  • A complete processing unit including Raw materials receiving in Big Bags, 25kg Bags and of course Silos & Grading Process line designed and commissioned by Acmon Systems.
  • Bagging, Robot Gripper, Palletizing rate: 600 bags/h, PLC automation, all stages designed and commissioned by Icon Systems, according to Alchimica’s operating conditions.

A landmark project

The Mega Disposables S.A. project is a landmark project for our company, since it is state-of-the-art, and the most extensive handling and robotic palletizing solution to have ever been realized in Greece.


  • 4 Kuka robotic arms servicing 12 production lines.
  • Overhead installation of roller conveyors with a total length of over 500 meters
  • Carton box handling line includes elevators, belt conveyors and wagons and through the use of an automated sorting system achieves a
    transfer capability of over 75 cartons/minute (or 4500cartons/hour )
  • High-speed automatic pallet wrapping, using two Robopac rotating ring wrapping system with automatic placement of cardboard edge protectors.
    Palletizing and wrapping rate are about 50 palettes/hour

We continuously add provide and install new equipment, as more production lines and new production machines are connected to our system.

A unique case of advanced technology in the food industry

A turnkey-project, materialized with the collaboration of all Acmon Group companies.

This project was designed by our team of engineers, to create a vertical configuration solution with two brand-new production lines, as well as an end-to-end full process control system in the Sefco Zeelandia plant.

IconSystems designed, installed and put into operation:

  • Bag receipt and handling lines, from bagging machines to palletizing system, with an integrated weighing and rejecting station, as well as Mettler Toledo metal detectors. As they are fully connected with TracePro, high quality and safety of the final product are absolutely ensured.
  • Automatic 3-line palletizing system, with a 600 bags/hour capacity and a 4-axis KUKA robotic arm. A special gripper handles both the empty pallet and the slipsheet at the base of the pallet.
  • Automatic pallet wrapping line equipped with ROBOPAC pallet wrapping machine.
  • Final pallet handling and delivery to the warehouse, at an elevated spot, using an industrial pallet lift.

This project was designed and completed by all three Acmon Group companies, each one specialized in a different field, in compliance with all HACCP & ISO standards for food processing plants.

«A company with expertise and large experience, focused on meeting the needs of each customer, always providing solutions, even in the most demanding projects». Theodore Batis,  CEO

Cardboard Box Palletizing

  • A robotic system was designed and installed in the Papoutsanis S.A. factory to automate the palletizing process of cardboard boxes containing bar soap products. A FANUC robotic arm collects cardboard boxes and places them at predetermined layer patterns in pallets that are automatically fed by a pallet destacker dispenser. Full pallets are then directed to an ATLANTA STRETCH automatic stretch wrapping machine, where cardboard edge protectors are also placed