Integrated End-of-Line System

  • ICON SYSTEMS was assigned the project of palletizing flour multipacks in the Loulis Mills plant in Sourpi, Magnesia. An ABB robotic arm was used in the palletizing process.
  • The project was successfully designed and installed in a very short period. The capacity of the line is 80 packages/minute, which are palletized on Euro-pallets or Dusseldorf half pallets, using a servomotor-powered gripper. Empty pallets are feeding into the system using a specially designed gripper mounted on a crane. Full pallets are then directed to an ATLANTA STRETCH automatic stretch wrapping machine that features multiple modes for different stretch films and different temperature conditions.

Robotic Palletizing Project

  • A palletizing system for bags and multipacks of sugar, utilizing an ABB IRB 660 robotic arm, was installed in the Gavrilos Brothers sugar packing plan. The system was delivered as a complete project, featuring an automatic simultaneous palletizing system, for one line of 25kg paper sugar bags (5 bags/min) and one 10x1kg multipack line (12 packs/min). The system featured automated handling of empty/full pallets with shuttle carts, as well as an inline automatic pallet wrapping system

Integrated End-of-Line System

  • The system was delivered as a complete project with all the necessary equipment for the supply of raw material, as well as for bag handling and palletizing.
  • More specifically, a complete fertilizer bulk material transfer system through troughed belt conveyors was installed to feed two packaging machines and one big bag loader. The project also incorporated one complete bag handling line with flattening capability and a palletizing line with a FANUC robotic arm. It was a very challenging project as a capacity of 900 bags per hour was needed

The first Icon project in Israel

  • Study, design, manufacture, and installation of an integrated palletizing line which include two ΑΒΒ robotic arms. Line is servicing two 20kg valve-bag bagging machines with capacity of 650bags/hour and 800bags/hour respectively. The project included an automatic empty pallet destacker, an automatic slipsheet placing system and a BOCEDI stretch hooding packaging system. Project budget: €440,000.00.