A highly demanding palletizing project

  • Our company collaborated with the American multinational manufacturer to provide solution for a demanding carton palletizing project. In this project a KUKA robot was used to palletize carton boxes from two production lines, with a capacity of 60boxes / min. Handling was realized by using elevators, sorting systems, and incorporating existing equipment.

Projects in Romania and Russia

  • Romania.  In 2012, the Romania plant was updated with three automatic refrigerator assembly lines, with a production capacity up to 25-30 appliances/hour, per line.

The assembly line stages are the following:

-Metal frame construction
-Insulation placement
-Refrigeration system placement and testing, before delivery to the final user.

This €2,3-million-budget project was successfully completed by Icon Systems and maintenance needs are fully covered by our company’s Maintenance team to date.

  • Russia. We modernized and expanded three production lines to increase production and decrease production cost.

Sugar and Flour Mixing and Packaging Stations

  • A mixing and packaging station was designed for 1kg, 3kg, 10kg and 50kg sugar bags. An automated handling and sorting system was installed, so we could transfer the sugar bags to 8 truck loading stations. Loading was done by telescopic conveyor belts Plant production capacity: 200TN/hour. Project budget: €3,000,000.00.
  • Design, construction and installation of flour packaging and loading station. In this project, bags were collected from 14 production lines that were installed on two different levels. With the help of conveyor belts, the bags were then transferred to 6 simultaneous truck loading stations. Project budget: €1,200,000.00.

Saudi Arabia Project

  • An Icon Systems integrated palletizing solution. Automatic palletizing for bags up to 20kg. Capacity: 1200 bags/hour, with a high-level palletizer and a BOCEDI stretch hooding packaging system. Project budget: €420,000.00