Intelligent Conveying Systems


Icon Systems with many years of experience in the Industry and in collaboration with the other companies of the group which are specialized in electromechanical constructions - weighing - automation -industrial software, undertakes and implements integrated projects covering all stages from primary packaging sector up to store packaged products into warehouse or direct delivery to final customers.
Icon Systems undertakes these projects on a turnkey basis having the overall responsibility (one source responsibility).

Thereby provides the customer with:
  • Project management
  • Quality improvement of the final product
  • Increase capacity and production
  • Smooth operation of the production line and minimizing downtimes
  • Less time to complete the project and higher degree of flexibility to future changes


Our commitment is to provide high quality technical solutions and projects, covering the needs of a wide variety of industries.


We pride ourselves on interpreting customer's requirements and then developing solutions that are reliable, cost effective and according to time schedule.


We select the appropriate equipment and technologies and provide engineering, construction and a full range of customers support services. We also commited to offer to our customers excel after sales services in case it is required
Projects & Clients
We consider as the best way to determine the quality and level ICON systems technical solutions is through the executed projects done.
See our portfolio.
Latest news
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