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A landmark project

The Mega Disposables S.A. project is a landmark project for our company, since it is state-of-the-art, and the most extensive handling and robotic palletizing solution to have ever been realized in Greece.


  • 4 Kuka robotic arms servicing 12 production lines.
  • Overhead installation of roller conveyors with a total length of over 500 meters
  • Carton box handling line includes elevators, belt conveyors and wagons and through the use of an automated sorting system achieves a
    transfer capability of over 75 cartons/minute (or 4500cartons/hour )
  • High-speed automatic pallet wrapping, using two Robopac rotating ring wrapping system with automatic placement of cardboard edge protectors.
    Palletizing and wrapping rate are about 50 palettes/hour

We continuously add provide and install new equipment, as more production lines and new production machines are connected to our system.