Icon Systems offers a wide range of modern product handling and packaging solutions. We design, manufacture and install high-quality,
reliable handling lines for bags, cardboard boxes, pallets, paper trays, etc.Our systems are customized according to the standards
and needs of each customer, as well as the characteristics of each material.
Safety is always our top priority, while ensuring that production speed and maintenance needs of the handling line are always met.

Packaged product transfer systems

We design and build integrated solutions for safe package handling. We use belt, chain and roller conveyors. All our machines are renowned for the high degree of reliability and ease of maintenance. In the meanwhile great attention is given in areas such as low noise and vibrations during operation.

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Automatic sorting systems

Automatic sorting systems are designed and built for boxes, cases and plastic trays that are tagged either with a sticker barcode or with a programmable NFC tag. In our sorting systems recognition is done by means of barcode readers or RFID gates and sorting is done by pneumatic or electromechanical actuators that direct the crates to the corresponding system exit. For high-handling-speed and high-volume production lines,  INTRALOX sorting systems are used. 

Bulk materials transfer systems

For the handling of bulk materials, such as fertilizers, glass powder, metals, etc. we design and manufacture troughed conveyors and support platforms. Troughed conveyors are fully equipped with all necessary safety systems, depending on the use and the requests of the customer.

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Handling and automatic pallet stacking and destacking systems

We provide automatic supply systems for pallets of different types and dimensions. The destacker dispenser (Pallet Magazine) increases the production speed (there is always a pallet ready for use) and it is the only solution for high-volume production lines. Our destackers are Adjustable for different pallet widths and offer benefits such as gentle pallet handling, no noise or dust inconvenience.
Handling of empty and full pallets is done by roller and chain conveyors. Heavy-duty pallet roller conveyors will transport, accumulate and distribute pallets weighing up to 3000 kg. They will help improve the efficiency of processes that involved the receipt, handling and dispatch of pallets. When designing a pallet conveyor system it’s important to take into account the specific weights and sizes of the goods being transported. We carry out a full audit of your requirements then design a bespoke and robust solution to optimise space and efficiency, and reduce manpower.
Every pallet conveyor system can be integrated with other onsite equipment, feeding to and from palletisers, pallet lifts, pallet weigh stations, wrappers, hooders and strappers.

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04 Pallet Conveyor Transfer Roller
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Direction change systems

There are various solutions for re-directing pallets:

– Turntables:  A turning conveyor device intended for changing direction of pallet transport (up to 270° or smaller, predetermined increment). We offer it in various designs to suit each customers application. The turntable design is based on the roller conveyor modules. Atop of the turntable is mounted a roller conveyor. Non-driven rollers are placed at both ends of the conveying line. These allow for the smooth transfer between the turntable and connecting conveyors.
The rotary part is mounted upon the stationary part. The two are connected by means of a ball-turn bearing. The turning itself is driven by a motor atop of the conveyor for easy access.

–  Side transfer systems: The transfer unit changes the pallet direction travel by 90°. Transfer units are used for changing the transport direction of a pallet without changing the pallet orientation. The pallet crosses from the roller conveyor section to the chain section (or vice versa) and is not turned. Available in several designs, with either pneumatic or electric lifting of the conveyor section. The transfer unit is intended to be used in a combination with chain conveyor. Connecting chain conveyor is placed into two gaps in the lift part allowing the transfer unit to be placed to any spot of the chain conveying system. The independence on the chain driven conveyor is also great benefit for the reliability.

pallet transportation
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pallet rotating system


Spiral elevators and vertical elevators are used in many different cases to either elevate or lower materials (transport products vertically rather than horizontally) while utilizing the minimum space (footprint). We also design and manufacture pallet elevators for loads up to 3 tons for automatic pallet handling lines.  

Pallet transfer shuttle cars

We design, manufacture, and install automatic empty/full pallet transfer shuttle carts, customized to meet the needs of each separate customer, always ensuring the lowest possible footprint. Shuttle cars move either in fenced safety zones or in unfenced areas using special pedestrian identification radars, thus offering a perfect solution for long-distance pallet handling.