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Stretch Film wrapping system

Stretch film wrapping machines are divided into the following categories:

  Turntable pallet wrapping machine. The automatic stretch wrapping machines with rotating turntable are equipped with a rotating platform with transport system (roller or chain conveyor) and with all the devices necessary for the automatic functions required (clamp, welding and film cutting). Such kind of machinery has the lowest productivity among the automatic machines but do tick some important boxes such as a small footprint, easy use, and low maintenance intervention. They are capable for indicative production rate up to 50 pallets per hour.

  Automatic rotating arm stretch wrapping machines.These machines are placed at an intermediate level in terms of productivity, with a production which can vary from 55, 65, 75, up to 100 pallets per hour.
The machines with rotary arm are particularly recommended for unstable pallets, where the rotary motion of the turntable table would be risky.

  Rotating ring stretch wrapping machines. Those machines guarantee the highest production together with technical characteristics capable of satisfying specific customer needs in terms of wrapping cycles and layout. Not having any electrical parts on the rotating ring guarantee that maintenance is minimum,
The features that distinguish those machines are the use of simpler and easier to maintain mechanical solutions while having a higher production speed (indicative production rate up to 150 pallets per hour) and are very easy operation.

All wrapping machines have the option of adding an automatic paper corner application system.

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Stretch Hood wrapping system

The Stretch Hood system wraps the pallet with a tubular stretch film that adapts to the dimensions of the load. This type of wrapping is suitable when there is an increased need for load stability or pallet waterproofing, while at the same time offer savings in consumables and energy.

pallet stretch hooding 02
pallet stretch hooding 03
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