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A member of Acmon Group since 2010, Icon Systems specializes in end-of-line applications for the modern industry. Acmon Group offers comprehensive turn-key solutions to meet the demand for automated packaging, palletizing, and storage solutions.
Our broad corporate portfolio reflects our quality work in various industry sectors such as personal hygiene, F&Β, building chemicals, glassworks, plastics, paper industry, pharmaceuticals, and metal industry.
Our team of experienced technicians and electricians, in cooperation with our supervising engineers, can guarantee the installation of any project in the predetermined deadline, as well as an exceptional after sales service, while ensuring the proper system maintenance after installation.
Our fully equipped facilities and technical infrastructure and most importantly our team of specialized and experienced engineers are the most valuable assets that guarantee our clients the most innovative and reliable solutions for every need. Icon Systems with its specialized design department and through collaboration with reliable partners can cover every need for automated production lines and procedures.
Icon Systems do offer customized solutions that increase production capacity, restructure the production process to reduce production cost and improve the quality of the final product while guaranteeing the reliability. In each project, our aim is to minimize downtimes, and to make systems as easy-to-use as possible, always keeping human safety a top priority

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To ensure that our clients are offered the most suitable and high-quality solution,
we have developed the following methodology:

We determine the needs of each project, understand the demands, and analyze the requirements of our clients, according to the specifics of their business
We develop and present to the client the Conceptual design for the system in question.
We conduct research for each project to define the project details and we perform product and packaging checks.
We propose effective implementation methods.
We determine the necessary equipment and the technical specifications.
We create innovative designs that provide a detailed presentation of the way each system will be installed and perform.
We develop software and monitoring systems to check every step of the process.
We manufacture to high standards.
We perform detailed, in house equipment check as well as FAT. Upon request we do offer demonstration of automations, control systems and software.
We do the installation, commissioning, and startup of each project.
We perform complete ‘’dry run’’ of equipment (checks without products/packaging)
Extensive testing using actual products and fine tuning of the equipment
We complete our projects within the agreed deadlines.
We do offer staff training and we sign the project delivery protocol according to the industry standards.
We provide prompt technical support after the delivery of the project.